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Difficulties with IE 8

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  • Difficulties with IE 8

    Has anyone had problems with this wonderful IE8 that MS are pestering us to use. Like a friend, I did try it and found it did not work properly, refusing to recognise links that should work of course by just clicking on them. So I just uninstalled it under Add Remove programs and thank goodness the old E7 came back, as Microsoft craftily will not allow you to download IE7 any more. But I did find Softpedia ( from Rumania I believe ) have the sense to still make it available from their site.


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    Re: Difficulties with IE 8

    Hi Gordon,
    I'm not sure downloading Microsoft software from other sites is legit but even if it is/was then, personally speaking, I wouldn't trust it.

    IE7 for XP is here on the MS site.

    I've been using IE8 for most sites and haven't had any issues so far (I realise I may not have travelled to all of the sites on the internet yet ). There is a compatibility mode, have you tried that on the sites you have been to that don't display properly?

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      Re: Difficulties with IE 8

      Thanks Andy I have stored the link in Favourites.

      Actually I am quite impressed with Softpedia. It is recommended by and they host links to most of my Freeware at

      Although I must admit being Freeware they started to publicise my stuff before asking me, and before I included a not on my site. I of course do not object. Perhaps in not being a US based site they do not consider themselves bound by any US protocol.