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adsl modem and second router

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  • adsl modem and second router

    Hi friends and experts!

    I need your advice on how to do the following setup.I'm not bright in these kind of things,so please do show me the light


    Currently I'm using an ppoa internet service with 5 static ip and being configured with the isp modem router and a dlink DI804hv router.The current configuration is as follow:

    ISP modem router-configured with user/password,isp first ip.
    Dlink DI804hv-configured with isp second ip,first isp ip as gateway and a LAN ip.

    The Dlink router WAN address is used when outsiders want to connect to our network and being portforwarded accordingly.

    Now I want to use an ppoe with dynamic ip.How should I configure the Dlink router to be used with the adsl modem.The Dlink router should be the the first defence for LAN and WAN just like my current configuration.

    Any inputs is highly appreciated and thank you in advance.


    Nevermind guys,I've figured it out already.Thanks for those who were trying to help
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