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Policy based routing and Vyatta?

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  • Policy based routing and Vyatta?

    Hi all,

    In brief:
    Does any one know if Vyatta supports Policy Based Routing (PBR) yet?
    Every thing I have found seems to be quite dated and I have failed to find any articles and/or posts about Vyatta and if it supports PBR yet.

    In detail:
    As usual I turn to google for most of my queries, failing that I look at google a bit more, and failing that I come here.

    I've been researching about using multiple WANs and Multiple VLANs with a router-on-a-stick.

    Server A - VLAN10
    Network Users/clients - VLAN11
    ADSL - VLAN20
    SDSL - VLAN21
    Vyataa - router-on-a-stick

    From my understanding I can used PBR to direct any traffic from VLAN10 to the SDSL connection (VLAN21) and VLAN11 to the ADSL connection (VLAN20).

    On a cisco router I would follow:

    As I've only been researching at the moment and have not put any of this into practice, is my understanding correct?

    If I am understanding the correct use of PBR, any one know if Vyatta supports it yet?

    Any help here would be appriciated,

    R Austin

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    Re: Policy based routing and Vyatta?

    HI RAustin,

    If you go to look for the document called policy and Qos. That should be what you are looking for.



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      Re: Policy based routing and Vyatta?

      Thanks for the info Ryan, but I was hoping not to register and that some one knew.

      Unfortunately the information is not longer of any use to me now. Thanks for replying though.