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2 dhcp scopes on the same domain

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  • 2 dhcp scopes on the same domain

    I have two AD's, both win2k3 stand ed, x64 bit.

    Now AD1 has the DHCP scope and all is running fine. Scope thru 250. GW:

    I wanto to create an additional scope of thru 250. Sub GW:

    Now I'm my firewall/router I enabled eth 0/3 and added the ip of

    and on AD2 I enabled Routing & Remote Access and configured DHCP Relay Agent between both AD's.

    If I place a static IP on a testing PC of I can view my network shares, and do everthing that my normal users I know that the firewall/router is doing it's job.

    so my question is how can I assign a DHCP address with the other DHCP scope?

    meaning I want both scopes to that possible?

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    Re: 2 dhcp scopes on the same domain

    setup one scope on AD1, 192.168.100.x

    setup one scope on AD2, 192.168.4.x

    Should not need to configure a DHCP relay. What you DO need to configure is routing between the subnets (in this case, it's already done)
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