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Reaching a Router through Subnet

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  • Reaching a Router through Subnet

    My group and I have two PCs which are connected to a Cisco router. One of these PCs (PC#1) is connected directly to the Ethernet0 port on the router (Port has an IP of The other PC (PC#2) is connected to a 10.1.1.x subnet (default gateway is and then the Ethernet1 port on the router (Port has IP of is connected into this subnet as well. PC#2 has Internet access through the subnet which it is connected to.

    We’ve added a route on the first PC to connect it with the Ethernet0 port. We can now ping from PC#1 and receive a reply. However, we cannot use PC#2 to ping Ethernet0 ( We know that there needs to be a route added to PC#2 in order to have it communicate with Ethernet1 before we can ping Ethernet0, but none of the routes we have tried to add have worked. We need to add a route that will not break the default gateway on PC#2 since we need to be able to have/share that Internet access with the 192.168.17.x ‘subnet’.

    Routes We’ve Tried:
    route add MASK
    route add MASK (PC#2)
    route add MASK
    + Many more, yet none of them seem to work.

    I really think we’re missing something PAINFULLY simple, but we’re all extremely new to Networking and this exercise is really killing us.

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    Re: Reaching a Router through Subnet


    You want to be able to ping from PC #2, is that correct? If that is the case, and PC#2 has a 10.1.1.x IP address, the route statement you need on PC#2 is:

    route add mask

    This tells PC#2 that to find the host, it needs to send the packet to Once it gets there, the cisco router at knows where to send the packets since is a directly connected network.