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FTP Port Direction via routers(How To)

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  • FTP Port Direction via routers(How To)

    I work for a company and manage there internal network. We have two ADSL suppliers. One is a dynamic IP which the office uses, the other is a static. We want to use the static IP for FTP traffic. We are an internet company and external companies often require a static ip address from us so that we can ftp to there servers. Is it possible to have the main office users on a dynamic ip address from the ISP and also have it so that all ftp traffic goes out via our static ip(from isp router).

    We have two draytek vigor routers.
    As mentioned, one is on a dynamic ip, the other a static.

    Due to the nature of our business, we need to be on a dynamic ip address(from isp). But client companies require a static ip from us to allow us to ftp to there servers.

    We are presently on a Windows 2003 Domain as well.

    Any ideas apprieciated.