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Access through site-to-site VPN

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  • Access through site-to-site VPN


    I have a working "RRAS central server A" behind nat to wich remote users are connecting fine directly from win XP.

    But now a branch office comes into play and Iīd like to set up a site-to-site VPN.

    In Lab I configured a "remote server B" and I can connect it to "central server A" and ping any sistem on the main LAN, but Iīm failing to have the remote test clients going through "B" to "A"...

    Iīm guessing the statics rules I tried to set are not the way they should, but I canīt find any hints about what am I doing wrong.

    Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: Being on a budget, server "B" is a w2003 and will likely act as the VPN gateway, DNS and Proxy server. Itīs only a 5 users lan.

    I should add that Server A is in
    and Server B has 2 nics, and
    and I tried several combinations of connections and configs before bugging here
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    Re: Access through site-to-site VPN

    A small step forward: on the remote office (Lab actually) now I can ping from the "remote client" to both nics in the "Remote server B", yesterday I could only ping the internal card.
    I still canīt ping anything beyond the "Remote server B" external nic.

    Additionally, a trace from "remote client" to "Central Server A" only reaches "Remote Server B" internal IP, so I guess I am not even forwarding the ping requests properly to its second nic.

    Traces from "Remote server B" seem to be ok.