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PXE boot and more

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  • PXE boot and more


    I am a first timer on this forums and hope somebody can help

    i am busy redesigning our corporate lan and have come accross a issue with PXE boot.

    Quick infra info:

    We have a DHCP server in a server vlan - the pxe server is in the same vlan. Workstations in another vlan.

    I have set ip helpers on the cisco swithces - plain DHCP requests works fine. PXE does not. WHen i move the workstation into the same vlan as the PXE server - all works fine.

    I ahve added the following UDP forwarders to my helper config :
    ip forward-protocol udp 4011
    ip forward-protocol udp 402
    ip forward-protocol udp 401
    ip forward-protocol udp 67

    Still no luck. Anybody ahve any ideas?? we are using Altiris as ourmanagement suite - (PXE)



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    Re: PXE boot and more

    What is your PXE server running on and what are your clients? See what we can do.


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      Re: PXE boot and more


      My DHCP server is a windows based server - 2003 standard

      PXE is also on a windows 2003 server - we are using Altiris as PXE service . workstations are hp's -different models though - running XP

      I have this same issue in a few sites now.. so not having much luck..

      thanks for help




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        Re: PXE boot and more

        slowly moving forward.. have now got the workstations getting ip addresses.. but more pxe errors...


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          Re: PXE boot and more

          I don't know anything about Alitiris, but any time I've had PXE errors where the client could get a DHCP lease it's been blocked TFTP traffic causing the problem. We had that issue setting up WDS for a customer with Cisco switches
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            Re: PXE boot and more

            Cruachan, I second your comment. PXE needs the client to receive the IP and also the Client needs communication with the PXE server ver IP as well. TFTP blocking mya be the issue but it sounds to me to be the initial connection is the problem.

            Have you tried setting up a Windows 2003 box as a relay agent as oppose to using the router? Not sure what boxes you have available.

            Does this give you any ideas? Not sure how you have set it up.



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              Re: PXE boot and more

              I have to go an rest now as I wore out my finger scrolling down that article.

              I know nothing about Alitiris but I found this useful when trying to PXE and found it not working.
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