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Barracuda Spam 300 service 2 seperate SBS networks.

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  • Barracuda Spam 300 service 2 seperate SBS networks.

    We have 2 companies in the same physical building, and I want to use 1 barracuda spam firewall to filter mail for both companys.

    Both servers are SBS2003, using seperate sonicwall routers for firewall and VPN services. We have multiple real world static IP's so the two networks are 100% seperate at this point not sharing any hardware except the KVM. Both servers have spare network cards so it may be easiest to get a little 5 port switch and run a 10.10.10.x subnet.

    We have a dell powerconnect 2716 in the rack, this switch is web managed and vlan capable.

    I want to be carefull to not let the sbs servers cross paths and cause problems with dhcp (or anything else). Company A uses the 192.168.x.x subnets company B uses 172.16.x.x subnets. I am wondering if I can divide the 16 port switch in to 2 vlan's and assign a port for the barracuda in to both vlans?

    According to barracuda networks this device is capable of handing multiple domains with multiple servers. Unfortunatly there is only 1 ethernet jack on the barracuda so I am a little timid/confused how to make this happen.