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d-link firewall rules

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  • d-link firewall rules

    I Confused in a firewall rules destinatian ip address (WAN) to allow my client access to internet I have public default gateway and 2 DNS public ip address , which one should be ?
    other think how I ll scan my firewall to make sure only port 21 is open any free great tools

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    Re: d-link firewall rules

    Want to post that again with a bit more detail about what you are really wanting. I don't understand your post.

    The Default Gateway is the IP used to get your machines to find the way out to the Internet. These Internet wanting machines also nee to have a DNS IP so a FQDN can be resolved to an IP.

    To see what your port status is then Shields Up and run the scan. You might also want to spend some time on It is a very interesting site.
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