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Two internet connections routing problem

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  • Two internet connections routing problem

    Hello to all,

    I hope I'm in the right place for this problem.

    I am trying to help a friend with a problem that I cannot solve, I try to search forums,goggle and so on but it look like a special problem to his site or I'm not looking correct for a solution.

    It's a XP pro sp3 machine connected to a private vpn that all (almost) ports are blocked by the ISP (cannot be changed they wont agree to change it) and a second Internet connection with no port limit.

    So my friend is trying to access his security cameras from the Internet to the no port limited connection, packets are going in but lost when going out cause the default gateway is the PVPN line, and of course the PVPN blocking them from going out. I cannot change the default gateway cause it is necessary to his work.


    PVPN adsl line-->Nic1 (default gateway)-->
    ---->Xp Machine
    Regular (cellular) Internet line-->nic2-->

    Few questions before buying a separate computer

    1. Is it possible to route incoming packets so the return packet will be forced to return from the nic that receive it?

    2. Is a multi wan router can help solve that problem?

    Thanks a lot