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router to track users activities

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  • router to track users activities

    hi all
    my boss is interested the users in how much time they are spending on the Internet, what websites they have visited or the webpages they are surfing and if they are downloading materials , what kind of router do all this things ?

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    Re: router to track users activities

    Sounds like ISA Server is what you want, it can certainly do all those things. Probably is another cheaper option though.
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      Re: router to track users activities

      we need cheaper product , i know with ISA u can track the users and i read if you to save the logging files on SQL you get more detail information , i would like TO use isa2004 with SQL , i m afried i ll fail work on SQL , any other ideas plz I m using server2003
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        Re: router to track users activities

        With most products you won't have any form of "user tracking" but because ISA can simply authenticate against AD.
        But I don't know for how long you need to safe the logging, but you also can let ISA Log to an MSDE database or textfiles.
        However with SQL server you can create quite simply custom reports if the reports from ISA server don't suit your needs.
        Well, simply... I'm not a SQL guy but I heard about the Microsoft SQL reporting services.
        At least you can find a Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Sample Pack for Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004
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          Re: router to track users activities

          CHECK out this site guys