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Networking stops as soon as you connect a cable

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  • Networking stops as soon as you connect a cable

    Hi All,

    The situation is this, I am working on an XP sp2 laptop which was full of virus' (AVG was installed but the licence had run out) I installed and updated Spybot and Adaware, removed the HDD and ran a scan through (using AVG) on another PC, it found and removed various bits and bobs.

    Put the drive back in the original machine, windows boots and seems ok, I ran spybot and adaware through they again found a couple of bits but removed them no problem. Ran CCleaner which again cleared out a few bits and bobs.

    I then came to install windows updates, this is where the problems started.

    When the machine first starts up I can run ipconfig, ping, etc, etc. All the normal network stuff works fine. As soon as I connect a cable or connect to a wireless lan the whole network system seems to stop. ipconfig does nothing, netsh does nothing, ping does nothing.

    If I then restart into safe mode with network everything works fine, even with the cable / wireless connected.

    I have tried;
    removing AVG (including using the avg removal tool from grisoft)
    netsh int ip reset logfile.txt
    the winsock repair tool which seems to be readly available.
    reinstall drivers
    repair install of windows
    Turned on / off windows firewall

    I have got to the point where I am going to have to wipe and re-install to fix this but I am trying to avoid doing so.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Networking stops as soon as you connect a cable

    Wipe, reinstall, recover from the last backup you took before the infection.

    I do not recommend anything else after an infection. Don't have any colleagues who do either. No antivirus product is perfect, and even if you remove everything you probably won't undo all of the damage.
    Gareth Howells

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