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  • IP over Fake NAT


    i would like to know if and how can i build a "fake" NAT to my computer over
    a network so i will be able to watch my WEBCAMXP from internet
    i have an internal ip and a Webcam connected to it .
    the Webcamxp is publishing the video over IE

    how can i do it ?


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    Re: IP over Fake NAT

    I'm not entirely certain what you mean by "fake NAT". It seems to me that "true NAT" would be just fine. Just use port forwarding from your firewall to your desktop PC.
    • Is this in a home or workplace environment?
    • If it's for a workplace environment, are you part of the IT department?
    • What firewall / router are you dealing with?
    • What port does your webcam software publish the webcam page on and can it be changed?

    I've done this with my laptop at home. I used software called YAWcam on my laptop to publish the webcam video to a web page and then simply used port forwarding in my LinkSys router to forward the appropriate port traffic to my laptop. Voilą! Instant privacy invasion.
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      Re: IP over Fake NAT


      thanks , at home i know how to do it
      but at work i will not open the FW for this
      i once had a software that did somthing like this ,
      my camera is on port 80



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        Re: IP over Fake NAT

        So if I'm reading this right:

        When you are at work, you'd like to check out the web cam that's at your house?
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          Re: IP over Fake NAT

          Originally posted by tulik23 View Post
          but at work i will not open the FW for this
          i once had a software that did somthing like this
          If you're not going to open a port, then it can't be done. The software you used before either opened that port in your firewall, or it opened a different one and tunneled the data.

          Please can you explain exactly what your setup is though, as it's not at all clear from your posts. Is Wired's interpretation correct? If so, then you don't need to open any ports at work, you just need to forward the relevant port on your firewall at home.
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