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DNS setup with bind9 question. Help!

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  • DNS setup with bind9 question. Help!

    Okey. First I will admit that I am a noob at DNS. But, I have howevere gotten the task of setting up a new DNS for our companys external domain. With, www and other "subdomains".

    Ive managed with the help of to get everything working locally. That will say that dig shows every record in the DNS okey. Accoring to the guides. But, however I cannot "surf" to the websites in my DNS zone. And, online DNS tools give the error that "Could not find reverse address for

    The zone shows up with the right name of the nameserver. So, ill guess I managed to set up some stuff right. But, something is missing. Im using bind9 on a ubuntu 8.04 virual machine. The DNS server is behind a PFsense firewall with a 1:1 nat to give the machine an own ipnumber. I have a rule permittin tvp/udb traffic to the internal ipnumber.

    Can anyone give me a hint in some direction to what I have missed. I have a forward zone and a reverse lookup zone on my DNS. I have pointed to my DNS server from the domain register that I have registerd my domain name at.

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    Re: DNS setup with bind9 question. Help!

    It seems like Ive gotten the dns to work. The problem was at our ISP that had a nameserver pointing toward our old IP in their DNS.

    However, when I check the reverse lookup for our domain I get the responce that
    "The server is authoritative for the query target but no reverse records exist."

    Dig looks okey locally though.

    This is my reverselookupzone file

    Problem solved. The isp delegated the iprange towards our ns. =)
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