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Moving DHCP role

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  • jesta1865
    started a topic Moving DHCP role

    Moving DHCP role

    Dear all, I have a w2k server as my dhcp server, but we are running lowish on addresses (less than 50 left).

    I want to expand the dhcp scope so that we have more available (i have 2 other ranges assigned to me).

    Can I simply swich off the dhcp function on the original server(w2k), and create it on the new server(w2k3), but with the expanded scope and new subnet, manually putting the reservations etc in?

    This would be done over a time with minimal staff in, and most of the machines switched off so they should just get their new address when they next boot up.

    I am not worried about migrating the info as such as it would give me the wrong scope.

    Has anyone done anything along these lines?

  • L4ndy
    Re: Moving DHCP role

    Hi Jesta1865,

    If you dont want to go down the Moving the database route and then Modifying the scope or adding another scope then, what I would suggest is to
    Install the DHCP service on the new server first
    Create the new scope including the new additions.
    Authorise the server with Domain admin or Enterprise admin group membership credentials depending on whether root or child domain.
    Stop the old DHCP service and let the new one slowly take over.

    *Hope I haven't missed any important details

    In case you want to go for the first option then have a quick look at this: -


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