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    Hey everyone, got a little problem here. What I got is a SBS 2003 server that host several websites from port 80, 443 and etc. But what I need to accomplish is to Run another windows 2003 web server on the network that can host my online ecommerce website.


    I have port 80 and 443 forwarded to my SBS server and it works all n dandy. But is it also possible to forward port 80 and 443 to the second server also for the ecommerce website and to use a host header for the resolution of the site? And will they not get confused?

    Thoughts on this?

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    Re: Multi Web Site Hosting

    What are you using to forward ports? What are you using to route internet requests from LAN clients? What is the current layout of your network, ie how are the relevant hosts connected to each other?
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      Re: Multi Web Site Hosting

      Unless your firewall can forward based on the host header I don't think it's possible (assuming you have only one public ip address from your ISP). You could set up a redirect on your SBS server for the site on the second server, but then that makes the ecommerce site dependent on the SBS server being up and running all the time. I don't think there's any elegant way of doing it with what you've got available. Can you get another ip from your ISP?


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        Re: Multi Web Site Hosting

        Originally posted by Joeqwerty
        Can you get another ip from your ISP?
        Excellent suggestion Joe. Based on the KISS Principle, this would be the better option.
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