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Problem with Wireless

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  • Problem with Wireless

    Dear All,

    I am facing an unusual problem with my ADSL Router Cisco 877W.

    The problem is that when i no shut my Wireless Interface, it broadcasts the ssid.

    But the router through DHCP doesnt assign any IP's to the clients, but when i connect the clients with ether-port proper IP is assigned and everything is fine.

    I dont know which part i am missing in the configuration.

    I will try to post the config.

    Can some1 please help.


    Tabrez Abdulhamid

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    Re: Problem with Wireless

    I don't know much but maybe your wireless interface doesn't have a bridge setup?

    I have a pair of 851w's that I got working using a simple excel sheet template from

    I have attached a copy. It is designed to use with a static IP, you go to the second page of the workbook edit the varibles then click the button and it writes the config for you. I went in and tweaked the config to get rid of the guest wireless and also added guest-mode to the ssid config so that it will broadcast. Works like a charm.
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      Re: Problem with Wireless

      Use the SDM dude.The 800 series supports it out of the box. As the user said above the spreadsheet does cover configuring the router in depth. BUT the SDM does make this easier and you can preview the commands from the SDM that are being delivered to the router in the event that you did fancy doing them from the CLI.