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  • telnet problem


    At home, i have two computers behind a wireless router.(a regular pc and a laptop).From the pc i try to work with telnet to a specific ip number and i get two different resuts.When i use the IP number ,telnet works fine but when i use netbios name there is no answer.From the laptop i don't have this kind of problem.Even closing winxp firewall doesn't help.Maybe some protocols are missing in my pc?Or a service?

    Any sugestions?



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    Re: telnet problem

    Can you ping the host by its NetBIOS name from the PC?

    Maybe we could help you better if we knew some details?

    You mention XP on the PC, which edition? What service pack? What operating system on the laptop? What Telnet client are you using? Is the host you're connecting to on the LAN or WAN? What result do you get if you enter the fqdn of the Telnet server into nslookup?
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      Re: telnet problem

      I solved the problem using lmhosts file.Thank you so much for replying my message.