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  • Connectivity Branch Offices?VPN

    Dear friends,

    I have two offices connected via ipsec vpn by using linksys rv042, its working ok, plus i am using it as loadbalance for internet traffic with two different isp adsl with of course with static ip(s). Now i want to use wireless bridge for connectivity beacuse i have to run database application and centerlize AD/exchange server, i understand that this wireless bridge network will work as transparent bridge giving my both lans as a single LAN... ok

    My ipsec tunnel is setup as it requires different subnet so when i install wireless link i have to drop existing rv042 vpn setup.

    what i want to ask is how to setup my network so i can use ipsec vpn as a backup link to my remote location in case when wireless is experiencing problems like radio modem fault, antenna fault or any other envorinmental factor.

    and i also have a location which i will connect in future when the operation start from that site (how it is possible to connect this site initially via vpn and later when data exceeds i will install one more wireless link)


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    Re: Connectivity Branch Offices?VPN

    Howzit, lexical!

    I've used the RV series several times, and had good, if not great, VPN performance. Your VPN sounds like a site-to-site one, so both sites should be able to see each other completely.

    What are your plans for the wireless network? In my experience, running direct-access database apps over wireless links can cause problems, so be prepared to deal with those. Unless you set-up some terminal servers for your wireless clients to use the database, performance may be messy.

    Just a few thoughts from my "lessons learned" file



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      Re: Connectivity Branch Offices?VPN

      hello.. thanx for your interest... actually i will run sql database, exchange server, vedio confrencing b/w sites and cctv/ip cameras for monitoring.

      I know i cant do all those on this small vpn, thats why i planned to deploy radio link (10-15mb) data connectivity.

      what i am planning to use vpn as backup link when wireless fails.. obviously less important things (cctv/VC) will not run over this backup link but database and AD/Exchange should be working at acceptable speed.

      I think i have to use a 1841 cisco at main office site but unable to figure out the net work structure. I mean network diagram how to place router with rv042 so that objective can be achived.

      need structure diagram and router config. to start.