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Automatic IP Addressing Problems

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  • Automatic IP Addressing Problems

    Hi there:
    I am having great trouble with ione of my PCs. Basically it will not pick up an IP address from the broadband router and when I run ipconfig it displays a 169.254.... series address with My network is set up on the 192.168.... series with The network connection displays "limited connectivity" and can't access the internet or see any other PCs on the Workgroup. If I manually assign IP addresses, gateways etc in line with the normal range of my network the network connection shows up as running fine at 100Mbps but still can't see the other PCs and can't access the internet.
    I have tried all the usual ipcinfig /release and renew options and have also flushed the DNS. The PC is a Dell Dimension (out of warranty) and the in-built diagnostic routine is showing all NIC software and hardware and cabling as a "PASS". - apart from internet connectionIt is running XP SP2 - it did have SP3 automatically downloaded and installed - it was around this time the problems started. I have uninstalled SP3 and re-installed the NIC driver from Dell. I have also run a WinSockFix app - but still the problem persists. I have even tried plugging it in to another network using different cables and still no proper connection.
    This is driving me mad!!!!!!!!! Can anyone help please?

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    Re: Automatic IP Addressing Problems

    It's worth trying a system restore to a date when it was working.
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      Re: Automatic IP Addressing Problems

      Have you tried using a different NIC?
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        Re: Automatic IP Addressing Problems

        Mmmmm - System Restore might be a good option - I'll give it a try tonight. Also I have tried a PCI card (the dodgy one is on-board) and that didn't work either which leads me to suspect that it is a deep rooted system/software issue.
        Thanks for the suggestions


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          Re: Automatic IP Addressing Problems

          I had nearly the exact same thing happen to me with a Dimension E310. The onboard NIC went wonky. I'm guessing a single pair of copper leads went bad... or something. My only solution was to put a cheap-o VIA NIC in one of the PCI slots. However, that hasn't seemed to work for you... so... have you tried rebuilding the TCP/IP stack?
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