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dual wan routers' functions

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  • dual wan routers' functions

    he office where I work has internet connection via satellite (Bentley Walker's). The internet speed is 512/128 kbps dynamic.

    We want to connect another assymetric satellite internet connection (with only download option).

    I need the router that will always use first inet connection for upload and use both inet connections for download in schedule. For example: Between 7AM to 11AM first ISP after 11AM second ISP.

    Can dual wan routers handle it? Or is there any other way to solve the problem.

    I have poor network knowledge.

    Please be descriptive in your posts.

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    Re: dual wan routers' functions

    A pep-link load balancer can do all this apart from the schedule.

    Otherwise Draytek do good dual-wan routers, but not sure again about the scheduling.


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      Re: dual wan routers' functions

      I dunno how far dual wan routers have come in the past few years, but I attempted to use on a while ago for a cable modem and partial T and it was a total failure in the load balancing mode. Failover mode was not too bad.

      My trouble was trying to use citrix connections for a remote application the connections kept dropping as the router was trying to load balance.


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        Re: dual wan routers' functions

        Billion have a Dual Wan router that I believe can do what you are wanting. If you have seen the management console oon a standard Billion you can see it has scheduling functions. The dual wan device has a similar interface but with more features.

        I think this is what the site was using. I didn't set it up, just sayit after it was installed.

        Would also like to add the the Billion site now SUCKS. Is very hard finding products. It was previously very user friendly.
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