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Windows 2000 routing problems

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  • Windows 2000 routing problems

    Here's the setup...

    ADSL Router: Netgear DG834G
    Switch: Netgear 100mbit, 24 ports

    Server: Windows 2000, 2xNICs (1 disconnected atm)

    All the machines and devices are plugged into the 24 ports.

    The other day, the ADSL link failed.

    I proceeded to setup a tempoary solution using ICS on the server for on-demand dialup using the internal analogue modem.

    To get this to work I also had to setup DNS and DHCP on the server, as usually the router handles those.

    Today broadband has come back up, but it meant I had to reconfigure the server back.

    In an ideal world you would setup the server as a router, routing traffic through the other NIC to the ADSL router, or if that's not there, on-demand dialup will kick in "whenever a network connection is not present".

    Could I set this up? No.

    Here's what I tried...

    I setup 1 NIC for the private LAN (, and the other for the WAN/router (

    The private LAN NIC was plugged into the switch, the WAN NIC was plugged into the router. (Do I need a link from the router to the switch?)

    I then ensured I had DHCP and DNS setup for the private LAN, just using the wizard seemed to be sufficient.

    I then went on to "Routing and Remote Access", I tried the wizard, trying all sorts of configurations, but they didn't appear to work!

    From the wizard I selected NAT, and selected the (WAN) NIC for the router.

    Whatever I tried, the workstations were not able to access the internet even though the server could access the internet as normal.

    I couldn't even seem to an external hostname to resolve to an IP via ping...

    I disabled IPsec, there's no kind of firewall on the server.

    I'm at a loss, what am I doing wrong? What should I be doing?


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    Re: Windows 2000 routing problems

    hi just a thought but why not connect the router to the switch and have everything else connected to the switch but disable dhcp on the adsl router.
    That would work...

    And did you do ipconfig/release ipconfig/renew on the work stations after they were been ics clients??
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      Re: Windows 2000 routing problems

      Not a bad idea, but I'm not sure that would work.

      Having one DHCP generally assumes one LAN, using one NIC. I don't think routers work very well if they aren't the first (usable) IP in the range.

      This is why I setup two LANs with two NICs on the server, one for the private network where the server could be the router/gateway, and one where the ADSL router was the gateway, which the server would use for it's internet connection.

      Only issue is, like I said I can't seem to route the internet from the 2nd LAN to the 1st.

      I tried pretty much everything, including ipconfig/release ipconfig/renew, having said that, I had an issue earlier (networking) where the only solution was to reboot the server.

      Perhaps after a reboot it will work, perhaps not...

      I get the impression I was doing it wrong... Perhaps theres some kind of guide that can help...