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Router with VPN connection

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  • Router with VPN connection

    I got a router today who not allow me to connect to a windows 2k3 pptp vpn.
    I think its anything about the GRE protocol becuase it doesnt work with
    the authication.
    Do you know if this will work with netgear fvs318 (see link) ?

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    Re: Router with VPN connection

    Ddid you look for VPN passthrough?
    Also it could be the ISP.
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      Re: Router with VPN connection

      Nah ISP blocking vpn connections... do.
      I use this Netgear WNR834B and it doesnt work.
      Thats why i think i need a better router like profuse serie which i think
      support GRE protocol.


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        Re: Router with VPN connection

        I've got a Netgear FVS338 and Netgear uses a software that they charge for to enable vpn connection.

        I solved by creating services for the IKE, PPTP and L2TP ports and then opened the ports in my firewall towards the server running the VPN service.

        Save you a $ or two.

        The GRE port you only need to open on the client if you're running a local firewall.



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          Re: Router with VPN connection

          I had the same issue with a Vigor 2600 Router. VPN was, according to Vigor's Tech Support, configured correctly. However, the built-in Vigor VPN application did not work, and was not passing VPN traffic to the VPN server. I believe it was a bug in the device. I solved it by forwarding VPN ports to VPN server (DC running RRAS, IAS).
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