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MAC Address Discovery

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  • MAC Address Discovery

    I would like to know if there is any way to discover a MAC address of some network card without knowing it's IP?
    I have a PC that I have no access to it ( keyboard, mouse, monitor ) and I don't know what is it's IP addr. I don't even know if it has one defined, but I do need to know if the network card is working properly. ( I have physical link )
    Thank you.

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    Re: MAC Address Discovery

    There are a number of MAC address scanners. Colasoft has a free one.


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      Re: MAC Address Discovery

      Let me see if I understand your situation correctly. You have a PC that may or may not be on the network. You cannot physically access the computer with K, V, or M. When you say you don't have physical access, do you mean that you're far away from the machine? The only way I can think to find the MAC address in this situation is to trace the network cable that plugs it into the switch and monitor that port to see if any traffic is leaving. If there is traffic you'll see the MAC and IP addresses.
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