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  • ISA Server 2000

    First off I apologize if this is in the wrong area.

    I am in need of some help, a local school district asked me to help them get up and running since the loss of their tech guy. I have a new program that the teachers will use to do grades. The program is web based and hosted by the company. The main part of the program works fine, but there is a Java app that uses port 7880 when they go to do grades.

    Now here is the issue. All of the computers run through an ISA 2000 server that is only doing cache right now. Clients do not get a gateway and thus are forced through the ISA server. From what I can tell, the logic behind this was to prevent anyone (that had higher level permissions) from installing other browsers/programs to bypass the content filter. The ISA server does not pass the Java traffic on port 7880. In the short term I can add the gateway to the DHCP info but I would like to know how to get this working with ISA. Would I have to bump it up to firewall/integrated mode and add a protocol rule?

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    Re: ISA Server 2000

    If ISA is only in Cache Mode, are they running a Firewall? What is doing the filtering?
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