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DNS servers

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  • DNS servers

    Hello all!

    I just wanted to check here for your opinions about what I am going to do...

    We have one virtual machine which provides DNS and it is hosting few websites...
    It has external IP address (it is not local machine it is in a datacenter).

    Now we will switch datacenters (move virtual machine). Now we will get different external IP address, so I have to change DNSs and namesrvers...

    It is Server 2003 machine

    Now what I think would be best:

    1: Upload virtual machine to new ESX host
    2: Open DNS manager and change all IP addresses to new one
    3: Reconfigure mailserver to use new IP addresses
    4: Check IIS if there is some changes need to be made
    5: Change IP address of on Goddaddy
    6: Take a cup of coffe and a smoke
    7: Check new DNS records on lets say or
    8: Wait few hours for changes to become effective globally

    What do you think?


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    Re: DNS servers

    3. Add new IP for MX Record for Mailserver but use a higher cost so that gets replicated globally before the changeover. That way when old MX is removed mail will flow to the new MX immediately. MX cost can be then edited to a lower number.

    8. Change few hours to 48.
    1 1 was a racehorse.
    2 2 was 1 2.
    1 1 1 1 race 1 day,
    2 2 1 1 2


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      Re: DNS servers


      I have done it, yesterday, lets hope for the best



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        Re: DNS servers

        Hi again!

        It has been 50 hours since I changed IP address but 15% of emails are still delivered to old mailserver...

        Can it take more than 48 hours or I did something wrong?

        All dns check reports are correct...


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          Re: DNS servers

          What were the TTL values for the old records?


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            Re: DNS servers


            All were 1 hour