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  • Data card and WiFi

    Hai allKindly explain me what is the difference between data cards used in laptops for accesssing internets and the WiFi (hope it is also used for acessing internet in hotspots)

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    Re: Data card and WiFi

    by data card I assume you mean network card, sao that would could be used for internet yes with a wire. The Wifi is the same thing but wireless so yes it can access hotspots.


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      Re: Data card and WiFi

      Many laptops now are coming with a 3G Data Card slot (mobile broadband), allowing direct access to the internet over a moble network (e.g. Vodaphone).

      This is different to WiFi in
      a) the speeds (typically up to 2Mbps in the UK where WiFi is up to 54+Mbps)
      b) the cost (something vs nothing)
      c) exposure (WiFi is to a LAN, 3G is directly to an ISP)
      d) spread (WiFi is in hotspots only, 3G is fairly widely spread -- anywhere you can get a decent mobile signal)

      I don't know if this is what you ,mean by a "data card" ?
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