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  • Considering HP procurve

    We are considering changing from Cisco to HP procurve. We are considering the change because we need to do a forklift upgrade on the entire infrastructure (6 sites with redundant fiber links between them, 60 servers, 800 clients)

    We are not currently doing anything that is cisco proprietary. All of our routing is OSPF and our VLAN's are 802.1q.

    So far I have not really came accross anything negative. But I would like to enlist everyone here that has worked with both of these items and please give an overview of their experiences with HP Procurve's product.

    So far I like their products (also like the NO SMARTNET!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO)
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    Re: Considering HP procurve

    I work at one place that is all HP, including the networking infrastructure (Okay, there's one Catalyst switch and one NetGear switch, but they're mounted in the back of the racks so no one can see them ). The switches are all GBit 2824s or older 4000 series switches. I also just recommended that another place I was consulting for move up from unmanaged to managed switches. At my recommendation they switched (pun intended) and purchased a ProCurve 2610 (which I have yet to really dig deep into, but it looks really good). Oh, and I also personally own ProCurve equipment. It's an 1800-8G web-managed switch that can do VLANs, trunking, and all sorts of things.

    It should be noted that I'm not a die-hard networking guy. I didn't design the VLANs at work nor do I eat, sleap and breathe prioritization. I don't have a CCN[x], JJN[x], or the like. I know enough to keep out of trouble (most of the time) but I've listened to the fellow at one of my jobs that does the networking and he says glowing things about ProCurve.

    What's most valuable is the warranty, exchange policy, and support. Just for having a valid seriel number you get a lifetime warranty with lifetime replacement (At one workplace a port went dead and ProCurve shiped us another identical switch. Done. They didn't even want the bad one back! ), lifetime support (by cheerful, brilliant people... imgaine that!!). I called them up to make sure I understood their warranty and the fellow (cheerful and brilliant!) said that no matter who owns the things, as long as you can offer a valid seriel number for that model you will get the benefits of the warranty and support. There is no IOS licensing headaches like what you might run into with Cisco. Check it all out for youself on their site and see if you don't like it.

    In my estimation, their products are wonderful and even if they were only shoulder-to-shoulder with Cisco the warranty makes up for it.
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      Re: Considering HP procurve

      I deal with the ProCurve line fairly often. No complaints. One of my coworkers described them as just a step under Cisco at a fraction of the price. I've never dealt with Cisco switches (I have, however, configured a couple routers) so I can't really compare the two but HP get my stamp of approval.

      EDIT - I just remembered that one time when I was configuring port trunks the dynamic LACP trunks was giving me trouble. Ended up configuring it statically. But that's the only issue I've had.
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        Re: Considering HP procurve

        good to know, thanks for the info you two.

        The HP solution would be saving us almost 40% so just wanted to validate what i've heard from others and read in reviews online.
        Technology is only as good as those who use it

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