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Xp Pro - Xp Pro: Share Not Accessible

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  • Xp Pro - Xp Pro: Share Not Accessible

    Hello All,

    I've got a stumper, at least in my own little world. I've setup many small networks, but this is the first time I've encountered the following problem:

    AFTER setting share permissions, when accessing a shared folder across the network, Windows gives an the error: "\\share not accessible. You might not have permission". I am able to access the same folder as long as 'Everyone' (full access) is added to the permissions user list.

    The all important details:

    - File Server is XP Pro, as are the workstations.
    - Classic file Sharing is used.
    - Each workstation user account is duplicated on the File Server.
    - Accessed a new folder's properties and click 'permissions' under the share tab.
    - Add specific User, set to 'full control'.

    Although the share is visible from the workstation, I cannot access the folder with receiving the 'You might not have permissions' error message. As stated, the only way I can access this folder from the workstation is to go back and add 'Everyone' (full control) to the permissions list.

    I don't think this is a user account problem. In the past, if I have a discrepancy between user accounts, the File Server will at least prompt me for a name and password. This never happens. The error is almost instantaneous.

    The shares are always visible in the browser list, as quickly as I can create one.

    All machines contain fresh formats of XP Pro, with SP2 installed & all critical updates. One of the few differences I can think of between this and other (working) installations is AVG 8.0.

    Any insight? Although adding 'Everyone' to the permissions would 'fix' this problem, it hardly seems secure.

    Thanks for an excellent forum; I've learned much from here. Hopefully I can contribute.

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    Re: Xp Pro - Xp Pro: Share Not Accessible

    Did you give "Everyone" Read Rights on both "Security" and "Sharing" ?


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      Re: Xp Pro - Xp Pro: Share Not Accessible

      Hello John,

      When using 'Everyone', everything works. I'd prefer to use individual user accounts to allow/restrict access.

      Maybe I'm missing a properties page? The two areas that I've added user accounts are in the 'Permissions' button located on the main sharing tab, and the 'Security' tab.

      My understanding is that the 'Permissions' validates network shares where as the 'Security' Tab is for local NTFS permissions.


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        Re: Xp Pro - Xp Pro: Share Not Accessible

        True, "Sharing" is for Network Sharing, and "Security" is for the NTFS Permissions on the Machine you are connecting to. If you had "Sharing" Permissions only, you can't access the Shared Folder since you don't have NTFS Permissions on the that Machine, It's like you only passed the Half of the Way. So in both "Sharing" and "Security", the user must be given Read Rights.


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          Re: Xp Pro - Xp Pro: Share Not Accessible

          If you are assigning ntfs permissions can you create another folder/file in the directory and see what permissions it has? You may have an issue with inheritance possibly?

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            Re: Xp Pro - Xp Pro: Share Not Accessible

            Do you have identically-named user profiles on both machines, but with different passwords? I've experienced that issue on my own network.


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              Re: Xp Pro - Xp Pro: Share Not Accessible

              Are these computers in a domain?

              Here's what I think. If they are not in a domain, setting up an identical User account on both machines will not work without using the Everyone group.

              UserA uses ComputerA and his his logon name is ComputerA\UserA for ComputerA.

              Now, when UserA tries to log on to ComputerB...he is authenticated as ComputerA\UserA. Not ComputerB\UserA, which is what he would need to access shared drives on the computer.

              For them to access the share without the everyone group he would need to be authenticated as ComputerB\UserA.

              You may be able to create a login script that will automate this upon boot up and enter the credentials for ComputerB.
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