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NetBios and DNS Name Issue

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  • NetBios and DNS Name Issue

    I have a box, server1 that is a web front end pointing to server2 for the web content. Server2 also has shares on it that people want to connect to using the same name as the web server name (server1). Is this possible and if so how.

    Example http://server1/stuff takes you to a web page on server2 in the stuff share. \\server1\stuff takes you to \\server2\stuff

    Iím assuming that DNS / Netbios / Wins all have to manulipated.

    I know this seems a stupid question, but I actually have a group that insists that they want to do this.

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    Re: NetBios and DNS Name Issue

    DFS might Help you.
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      Re: NetBios and DNS Name Issue

      This is the possible solution I came up with.

      Web server1 = dmos2web (new dmos2 stand alone server serving as a web front end).

      DNS alias = DNS alias (this should still work for webs).

      Filer Name = xflntap01 (this is an example of a filer name that the dmos2 data could be moved to).

      Filer alias = dmos2 (this alias would be added to the filer).


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        Re: NetBios and DNS Name Issue

        Just a thought and i'm not sure how IIS is configured over there and what your goal is but is NLB not an option?
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