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backup DNS?

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  • backup DNS?


    My boss wants to move our website from our ISP to a web hosting service.
    This will be cheap shared hosting as we only have a basic website

    We host our own email server onsite.

    MY questions are:

    1. who does the mx record the ISP? or new web host?
    2. who does the dns ISP? or Web host
    3. who translates the IP of our email server to the mx record?

    Can/should I get backup or secondary DNS service?

    Thank you

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    Re: backup DNS?

    1. It doesn't matter where your MX record IS, so long as

    (a) it's on the Internet
    (b) it contains the fully qualified name of your mail server
    (c) it contains the live IP address of your mail server

    2. Whoever you want to "do" your DNS - you can use your ISP's offering, your web host's offering, or buy another.

    3. The question is meaningless.

    As to "backup/secondary" DNS this is also meaningless; only one DNS provider on the internet can be authoritative for your zone - they will likely have many servers hosting this zone file.
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      Re: backup DNS?

      Got it.