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Determinig Max. possible Broadband speed

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  • Determinig Max. possible Broadband speed

    We suspect the maximum acceptable Broadband speeds quoted by below are not accurate, especially as it claimed the best a friend could use was around 1 Mbps while he was actually using some 7 Mbps.

    Does anyone know of a more accurate site for determining the best speed likely on any phone line?

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    Re: Determinig Max. possible Broadband speed

    This 1 Mbps, was this a download speed or was it a connection speed. You post on this occasion is a bit light on details Gordon. Bit out of character.
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      Re: Determinig Max. possible Broadband speed

      Thanks. It was the connection speed while my friend was online before he atempted to down / upload anything. Likewise it claims my best connection speed is unlikely to be higher than around 3 Mbps though others living in this same area are connectiong at some 8 Mbps.


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        Re: Determinig Max. possible Broadband speed

        The site that I quite like is, it does make a difference what node you check your speed with, I generally go with London.
        (Note: If you have more than a 1:1 contension ratio (usually 50:1 for home broadband) then what time you do the test will affect the results as at peak times more people will be sharing the same line, in a 50:1 contension up to a maximum 49 other people)

        BT have a speed checker also that can be found at (note that this is for BT lines only). I've not used this for a while so I'm not sure how good it is now. is a good place for finding information about your local exchange aswell as estimation of distance you are from it. seems to be a good tool for finding an estimation for ADSL2+ max speed. it is based on Downstream Attenuation.
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          Re: Determinig Max. possible Broadband speed

          Thanks L I will show it to a Seniors Forums I use as well.