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RADIUS And Default Gataway

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  • RADIUS And Default Gataway

    i have installed RADIUS for my wireless network at my job, and everything is working great but a couple of days ago I noticed this issue. computers that werent in our domain and just wanted to access the internet had this special account to log in to the wireless network, and after they authenticate the router wich is also our DHCP server it assings everything except the gateway and it had never done that before can anyone explain why?? and all my other clients in the domain work just fine but guest users with laptops out of the domain dont get the defualt gateway assineg to them. and it use to work now this started happening,

    and all the clients are on XP Pro SP2

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    Re: RADIUS And Default Gataway

    What options do you have set in your policy?
    What options do you have set in your DHCP scope?
    Do the guest clients connect to the same subnet as the other clients?

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