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  • Network Design Help Please

    Hello all,
    i have to plan LAN and WAN network wich will meet the following requirments:

    4 different sites,

    the main site and the second site have 25 miles distance between them
    all the other site in different cities

    there are number of buildings in eac site:
    main - 6 buildings
    second - 4 building
    other cities - 5 buildings each

    the distance between the building is 300 meters
    every building has 3 floors, with the following number of users on each
    first floor: 16
    second floor: 24
    third floor: 210

    internet connection must be provided for all users, the users on the third floor must be able to access any other servers.
    all other members have exchange and terminal access to some terminal server located in the building.

    if someone can help me with this one i will appriciate it.

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    Re: Network Design Help Please

    Is this your homework?

    Not Cisco, so reported for move to more appropriate forum
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      Re: Network Design Help Please

      I moved this post to the general networking forum because this isn't specific to Cisco.

      What is your question here?

      There isn't a question mark in the entire post. What are you asking?

      Yes, it does look like your homework for Network Design class.
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