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  • Routing Help

    Hi there guys!!
    I need some help here with a routing issue and i really hope that any of you give me some help.

    The problem is the follow:

    I have an 2003 server with 2 nic's one with my network IP and the other with some other IP this one is connected to a Draytek router VPN with the IP
    Im using this VPN for a site-to-site connection the remote site has a / IP.
    If i connect to my 2003 server using remote desktop i can ping any remote IP thought the VPN for example because i've done a static route for doint that so any of my team mates can ping their remote clients but as you know only 3 of them can use remote desktop at the same time so i've tought on making a routing table for anyone that is using my lan IP ( can ping the remote hosts (

    From my IP i can already ping the 2nd 2003 server nic but i cant ping yet the network so can you give me some advice on it?
    What i have to do? Any ideias?


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    Re: Routing Help

    Assuming you have enabled routing (RRAS) on the server, sounds like all you would need to do is to add a route statement on your client machines so they know where to direct traffic for the network. It would be similar to the below:

    route add mask -p

    Try that, then attempt to ping an address on the network. Also, you may need to add route statements to the machines on the remote side, so that they know how to route traffic to the network.


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      Re: Routing Help

      Thanks for your quick answer!!
      I had not enabled the RRAS service but its enabled now with the default configuration.
      Them i've add that new permanent route but still no sucess

      I still can only ping any device at at my server using remote desktop
      Shoul i do any static route or something at my server using the RRAS service?



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        Re: Routing Help

        You need to add a static route on your client machines. They need to know how to get to the remote network by directing that traffic to your RRAS server. This will be required for both sides.


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          Re: Routing Help

          Thanks for your help clayshek
          Its working right now all i have to do was almoust done.

          1 - Enable RRAS
          2 - Enable Routing and Remote Access NAT Server
          3 - route add at client pc's

          route add mask

          Thanks my friend


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            Re: Routing Help

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