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  • networking diagnostic program

    hello all
    i have an SBS 2003 in my office and i'm looking for a good networking diagnostic program - tool that can help me see what is going on with me network on each computer .....
    i want to run this program from my laptop and NOT from the server ... is it possibale???
    can any one recommand a good and frindly user program ? and can send me a link that i can read about the program ....

    thanks a lot


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    Re: networking diagnostic program

    Thanks for posting, but I feel you should really be asking this is the Network forum as it is not particularly SBS. There are a number of network monitoring programs out there if you - or the built in Network monitor if you have 2 NICs on the server - but then you need to work with it on the server itself not the laptop as you requested.

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      Re: networking diagnostic program

      Wireshark has always been my favourite but to be fair the Microsoft one is pretty good.

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        Re: networking diagnostic program

        yup, +1 to wireshark (ex ethereal)
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          Re: networking diagnostic program

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            Re: networking diagnostic program

            Clarify for me what you mean when you say that you want to "see what is going on with me network on each computer".
            • Do you want detailed information about hosts that could be retrieved via SNMP? (The Dude, et. al. )
            • Do you wants samples of overall network traffic? (sFlow, NetFlow)

            Some of these can be run from your computer easily, others would require some effort, and still others require the aid of your hardware (sFlow, NetFlow) but the info can be forwarded to your laptop.

            Someday I'll have to write a sticky about network monitoring possibilities. Oh wait, that's what Wikipedia is for.
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              Re: networking diagnostic program

              thanks for you help ...
              i'll try some of the progs you wrote