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Attempting to Add a laptop to an Existing LAN

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  • Attempting to Add a laptop to an Existing LAN

    I have a desktop and laptop wirelessly linked in a LAN using a DSL modem and a Linksys WRT54GS router.

    This is working OK.

    I now want to allow my grandson access to the WEB using his laptop when he visits me.

    I have XP Pro installed on both my LAN machines whereas the grandson's laptop has Vista.

    However when he enters my router's password on his laptop he is unable to connect to the WEB through my router.

    I notice that in the WIRELESS SECURITY section of my router I have the firewall set to "BLOCK WAN REQUESTS".

    Could this be the reason for this failure to connect ?

    I could change this setting and see what happens but , since I had considerable problems setting up my present LAN , I am reluctant to change anything unless I feel sure it will help here.

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    Re: Attempting to Add a laptop to an Existing LAN

    I believe that "Block WAN Requests" will block unrequested traffic from the WAN interface (the Internet), like pings and other ICMP traffic. This is usually something you want to leave blocked for security reasons.

    More likely the problem is an error in the wireless network setup on the Vista client, or perhaps you have MAC address filtering enabled on your router and need to allow access by adding the laptop's MAC address to the list of clients allowed to connect.