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Changing Gateway

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  • Changing Gateway

    I have an existing gateway on my LAN that I need to change to a new IP.(Windows Network) I want to change this gateway on all workstations remotely without having to go to each machine. I look at the NETSH command but I don't see anything to change it on all machine at once or when the pc comes up on the network. I guess what I'm asking is this possible to do this??

    Thank you.


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    Re: Changing Gateway

    You may be able to put the following command in a logon, shutdown, or logoff script:

    netsh interface ip set address name="Local Area Connection" gateway=x.x.x.x gwmetric=1

    In the above example I'm assuming that you haven't change the default name of the nic to something else. Maybe someone else can chime in and provide a better solution.

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      Re: Changing Gateway

      I guess a shutdown or a startup script is the best solution.
      Maybe it's better to migrate straight away to DHCP.
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        Re: Changing Gateway

        Ok thank you I got it, I just went back to PSTOOLS and ran it from there.

        Thank you for help...