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    May I put out a warning regarding creating easily identifiable domain names? Bear in mind if it is alright major industries like BT, Sky, BBC etc creating a well known domain name, as they will probably be in existence for hundreds of years. But single individuals are unlikely to want to use the name for more that a few years, and therefore as soon as they fail to renew the subscription it becomes available for any online cowboy marketing outfit to make free use of it, unless perhaps you spend considerable sums to acquire legal protection.

    I cite the case of our local Radio Club where the web master of the official site was stupid enough to acquire a domain name as the full descriptions of the club. He then as is his habit of confusing the situations, bought a much shorter name which he is still using for the present official club site, when he can be bothered to get the site back online again. Unfortunately he failed to renew the subscription for the original name, and as a result some cowboy marketing outfit is now using it pretending to authorised by our club. Due to limited finances there appears to be nothing the club can afford to do to prevent it apart form displaying a warning on the official sites.

    So the moral appears to be do not create a domain name that it can easily be recognised and could be used by others when you no longer wish to renew the subscription.
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    Re: Domain Names

    Wow, your club must have really limited funds. It only costs $9 / year for domain parking.

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      Re: Domain Names

      The problem lies with the idiot who runs the Official site, and chose a name some cowboy marketing firm would want, then allowed the name to lapse. Surely he and all his heirs cannot be expected to pay the 9 for eternity to avoid someone else using the name. Or is this just another example of the lawless Internet?

      If it was a shop they could probably be prosecuted for trading under false pretences pretending to be a RSGB Amateur Radio Club to flog Love Spells and Ringtones etc.