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  • IPS Reviews

    Does anyone have a good reference for IPS reviews done in the last year to year and a half? Or do you have a personal favorite?

    My organization has been looking at an intrusion prevention system for a while, but cannot decide on which one we want. We want to see if there is another vendor that we have not looked into yet.

    Let me know of any resources that you have.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: IPS Reviews

    Quoth boondock

    Does anyone have a good reference for IPS reviews done in the last year to year and a half?

    This looks good.
    This looks better.

    People think I'm smart. In reality, I'm not. I just search smart.

    Have you looked into Cisco's so-called self defending network? The brochures are so pretty...
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      Re: IPS Reviews

      You may want to look at Tipping Point's IPS line of products. Or you can check out Fore Scouts Active Scout IPS appliance.


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        Re: IPS Reviews

        Thanks for those links. Google must not work for me like it does others.

        We looked at a Tipping Point, but for some reason we didn't get a good feeling about their appliance.

        We also looked at a Top Layer, but it brough out network to it's knees by killing legit traffic after putting it in active mode. We thought it would be too much of a burden to manage and keep up with daily activities. As we were having to spend around 2-3 hours a day creating rules for it.

        We actually had a Cisco in house to put inline for a demo, but Cisco engineers did not want to deploy it because we didn't have their other security pieces installed, such as NAC and ACS, and felt we would not get the top performance with their product. Shortly there after, we recieved quotes from our local Cisco rep with those missing pieces.

        I will look around at some of these other companies for now. We have put this search off for about a year because we weren't comfortable with our initial findings. That length of time may have given companies time to improve their product.
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          Re: IPS Reviews

          Well good luck with the review. I am a cisco proponent however I personally wouldn't recommend their IPS product. Because IPS is part of the "Cisco Safe Blueprint", it will get quite expensive in hardware, labor, and licensing. They are going to sell you thinks like their NAC appliance along with MARS, the security agent for servers and clients, etc.



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            Re: IPS Reviews

            You might also have a look at Mcafee:
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              Re: IPS Reviews

              Has anyone had any dealings with the IBM/ISS Proventia?

              My CDW represenative is ranting and raving about this appliance.
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