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  • Detecting Spyware

    I have always used Norton Antivirus software mainly because it is supposed to be reliable even if it does seem to slowdown connections etc. But it is the only such software sold by my local PC shop who built this PC.

    However it does nothing about preventing Spyware being collected or identifying it unless it considers it might be a threat. I am at present using AD-Aware ver 6 by Lavasoft which identifies some Spyware and allows you to Quarantine it and or remove it. I tried the latest ver 7 which managed to ID far more Spyware, but demanded I pay for a new registration before allowing me to Quarantine or remove it. Incidentally Norton does detect even AD-Aware is dumping some Spyware on my PC each time I run an AD-Aware scan.

    I learnt from experience I have to take great not to use the ADwatch function of AD-Aware or any other such monitoring software or it will upset the Norton software, as they warn on their site. What I am wondering is with all this Free anti Spyware software around, can anyone recommend some software to detect it only when I ask for a scan, and allow me to remove it, but that it will not keep monitoring for it to upset Norton?

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    Re: Detecting Spyware

    Housecall by Trendmicro
    AdvanceWindowsCare by Iobit

    I havn't used AdAware in maybe a year or more.

    I also remove Norton/Symantec/macafee every chance I get and use AVG instead.
    Jake G

    Former Microsoft MVP - IIS ('02-'06)