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    Hi all,
    I need advice. I am restructing my network, bringing more servers,switches and routers. I am wondering which remote support software would be better. I had been using Remote desktop from Microsoft. I read on diffrent web sites that remote desktop is slow because it uses RDP over TCP. I used VNC but came to know VNC is unsecure. Any recomendations for good remote support software.

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    Re: Remote Administration

    Remote Desktop - I have never known it to be "slow". But if you really insist on it, you could do worse than PCAnywhere, or you could BUY the ENTERPRISE version of RealVNC - it has Windows (Kerberos) authentication capability (full - can authenticate to a domain), plus a pretty strong encryption between client and server.


    There are many, many different Remote Desktop programs and it would really depend upon your needs and the capabilities of the software.

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      Re: Remote Administration

      We use Remote Desktop for all connections to server and have never known it to be slow (unless it's over a really high latency wan link) plus it's free

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        Re: Remote Administration

        Another vote for RD. Even mac version works like a treat.
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          Re: Remote Administration

          Dameware is another cool tool for Remote administration. Its has many facilities like no need of the client software or the service on the target machine. It will automatically install nad remove the service with proper options enabled.