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WAN link SHDSL and Cisco 1803's

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  • WAN link SHDSL and Cisco 1803's


    we've got 2 ADSL 2+ linksys routers joined by VPN to create a WAN link.

    One of the sites is a bit far from the exchange.

    We're running a SQL database app between the two sites, one site RDP's to the the main site, which is also close to the exchange.

    The contention ratios on the ADSL is 100:1

    The WAN link can be really bad when it get's busy.

    There are no Firewalls and both have public IP's. (The linux box was already hacked).

    Someone is trying to sell us a couple of snapgear firewalls?

    I am thinking is would be best to upgrade to SHDSL, buy a couple of Cisco 1803s routers, create VPN WAN link and use Stateful inspection firewall in router (ACL's).

    SHDSL contentio ratio is 8:1

    There are a couple of users that currently RDP into the Database app from home and I'm guessing they could VPN in also.

    The ISP says the main site will do 2/2Mb SHDSL no probs but the other will only guarantee 1/1Mb SHDSL. I'm worried that the expense of SHDSL won't actually give a much better user experience?

    I'm not a comms guy but I would love to hear opinions about what I want to Cisco 1803 x 2 with ACL's and SHDSL. I don't want to go to the expense of 1841's

    thanks and regards


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    Re: WAN link SHDSL and Cisco 1803's

    If u r stuck in to this scenario consider applying QOS to the lower bit rated link.


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      Re: WAN link SHDSL and Cisco 1803's



      I was told about SHDSL being a noisy line. I've been told along that in the winter time the water can interfere with the signal quality?


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        Re: WAN link SHDSL and Cisco 1803's

        Might be worth contacting your phone company and seeing if they can reduce the noise component. You might have a bad connection/joint on your line that can be repaired.
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          Re: WAN link SHDSL and Cisco 1803's

          Hey Biggles,

          I was told that "Noisy" is generic to SHDSL lines. Uneccessary to contact phone company as it hasn't been installed yet.

          Thanks to all who inputted!!