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connect 2 facilities 1.5 miles wirelessly?

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  • connect 2 facilities 1.5 miles wirelessly?


    I am looking at recommendations and information about hooking my 2 facilities together with a wireless link.

    Really the only company I have came across is Which is ballpark around $4200 for the whole kit point a to point b. The only thing I need is the antenna mast for additional height. They claim I can get about 70MB of ethernet throughput using their full duplex kit.

    I like the idea of getting away from the 2.4Ghz wireless. Although if you believe everything you read online all I need is a linksys and a pringles can

    Has anybody else made the type of connections?


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    Re: connect 2 facilities 1.5 miles wirelessly?

    a bit off topic, but the pringles can trick DOES work
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      Re: connect 2 facilities 1.5 miles wirelessly?

      The can trick does work (coffee in my case) however the problem is that you will be having many connections from one building to the other, not just a laptop to an access point. In any case I would try the cheap way first. Search for wifi dish find one you like and buy two. Point them at each other.
      Most replace the removable antenna on your WIFI AP.
      Its definitely cheaper than $4200.

      A quick glance at the above link mentioned 11.5 miles........
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        Re: connect 2 facilities 1.5 miles wirelessly?

        Yes, I know the pringles can works as crazy as they sound. I put an official "Cantenna" in a production enviornment once upon a bad hair day, worked great with a couple Wap54g's.

        The link provided brought back some Cisco dish antenna's that look quite interesting. If I was going to go down that road I would be looking at probably some Cisco 1242 access points at each end, and accessories Which would put me probably near the $2000 mark.