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Backup route for planned outage.

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  • Backup route for planned outage.

    Hello everybody.

    At one of my remote locations the ISP telling us that there will be an outage lasting from midnight to 5am on Tuesday night (of all times it is a weeknight???).

    I have a Digi ConnectPort WAN VPN box from Verizon, I want to see if I can maintain internet connectivity during the outage via this Verizon connection.

    The remote branch is 85-90% terminal services, we have a VPN between the buildings with a Cisco 2600 series and an 506e, but I am not trying to maintain a VPN during the outage. If I can maintain internet the users can use "Remote Web Workplace" for terminal services

    If I set DHCP to give out 2 default gateways and .254 and dns the same then plug in the second router and set it to the .254 will Windows 2000 be smart enough to use the second default gateway and find it's way out the door?

    What to about DNS? Primary to the .1 router secondary to the .254 router?
    If the Cisco router (primary dns first default gateway) is still powered up will the workstations find the alternate path or just time out?

    Thanks for any help in advance

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    Re: Backup route for planned outage.

    So far I have found that my plan works pretty well, one thing that I would like to see is a way to set a matric to each default-route in my Cisco config but I don't think it is available.

    I have my primary router setup at and the secondary 3G WWan Verizon router set to I updated the DHCP pool on my cisco config to look like this.

    ip dhcp excluded-address
    ip dhcp excluded-address
    ip dhcp pool winslow
       domain-name mid-statemachine.local
    In my testing I had a Linksys router and the 3G WWan router, I sent out the IP settings and verified connectivity, then pulled the wan connection to each router one at a time, using tracert I verified that the traffic properly re-routed its self to the other router.

    Our outage is planned for Tuesday night, until mid morn Wenesday being a 24-7 shop it is a minor pain. We have this router on demo from Verizon so this is the perfect time to test it out.