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strange file server performance

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  • strange file server performance

    2 domain controller win2k3
    200 clients xp and 2k
    file server win2k3 with a one big shared folder

    All machines are updated with WSUS, all network drivers are updated. The clients are 5/6 models.

    In that big shared folder there is an old application in clipper (DOS) which consists of about 30 EXEs. All the database files are always on that big folder and the data are shared between all users.

    On 10.30 in the morning the load on the file server is this:

    about all clients have ONE session on the server -> about 200 sessions
    opened files: about 200clients*20file=4000 file opened
    CPU load is floating between 0 and 10%
    network load (Gigabit): is very very low, between 0 and 0,2%

    The problem: the work with this clipper program is very slow.

    For instance: an EXE take about 0,1seconds to start the execution locally, but in the network is about 40-60 seconds. Sporadically the things go fine and the net is fast. File copy too. The antivirus are disabled on server and on clients but nothing happens

    Does win2k3 have a protection against mass connection?
    Do you have idea of what can cause this slow down?
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    Re: strange file server performance


    Checkout for the disk performance.

    Add the counter for "disk queue length" and see the performance.

    Kapil Sharma
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