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  • Local Machine in NetHood

    I'm trying to figure out how the local machine ends up being in a user's NetHood. For example, the local machine name is ABC and appears in the local NetHood as FolderX on ABC. I know that I can make that happen if I access a local folder through Windows Networks, but that doesn't seem to be something that one would do. The NetHood does contain more typical connections to other machines. Thanks.

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    Re: Local Machine in NetHood

    There are several different states:
    1. You have started NetBios over TCP,
    In this case Windows machine broadcasts it's names (several names with NetBios suffixes) and it accepts broadcasts from others. Machines agree that one of them takes role of "master browser", (by priority of OS and other...) this keeps list of machines on the LAN, if it goes down other machine takes it's role. So in this case responsibility for visibility in NetHood has NetBios.
    But NetBios is supported inly for compatibility, it provides great info for network attacks. Better to switch it off.

    2. You can to have prohibited NEtBios over TCP, in normal case you will see nothing.

    3. Your machines are in ActiveDirectory domain - in this case ActiveDirectory fills NetHood with right info.