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  • Data Transfer Rates

    Hi I would like to know the calculation so I can work out data transfer rates on my lan.

    I have found online calculators that do the job but I would like to know how they do it!

    Any advice is welcome.



    An example would be:

    "It takes 1 minute to download a 7.5 MB data file. At what bit rate is the data being transferred?"

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    Re: Data Transfer Rates

    Raw data transfer rates are approximate because of the differences in protocols - each protocol uses different handshaking techniques between source and destination. However; if you're given numbers like the one you quote, the result will include all the protocol overheads and therefore is an AGGREGATE data rate rather than a raw one.

    7.5Mb = 7,500Kb = 7,500,000 bytes = (7,500,000 x bits = 60 million bits. Divide that by sixty seconds in a minute and you get a data rate of 1 million bits per second or 1Mbps.

    So - find the "Bits transferred" and divide it by the number of seconds it took to transfer. To find your mean peak data transfer rate transfer several 500Mb files from several places on your LAN to several others using several different methods at several different times of the day. Find the mean number of seconds to transfer a 500Mb file and calculate the data rate based on that.

    Try the same trick now on a separate day, but this time use lots of files of different sizes which ADD UP TO 500Mb, and do the same tests. This will be considerably slower because the protocol overheads will be higher. Now you have two data rates; the mean peak data rate and the mean data rate. This should give you a baseline of your LAN's performance so that you can compare "poor" days with a standard.

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      Re: Data Transfer Rates

      Thanks for the quick and full reply Stonelaughter

      You have given me a lot to think about and get on with! This is exactly what I was looking for.