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Help with ping -k issue

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  • Help with ping -k issue

    Greetings fellow IT people

    I am facing this problem and I need a fresh idea, a solution would be greatly appreciated.

    Network layout:

    Server 2003 Standard with 2 NIC's (192.168 and 10.0) this connected to a Catalyst 4503 - 192.168.X.Y

    The FO ports on the 4503 connect to a number of Catalyst 2950s all in 192.168.X.Y range.

    Network is totally isolated.


    On the server I am issuing this command:

    ping -k [the 4503 switch] [2950 switch] [2950 switch]

    I am getting Request timed out.
    If I am pinging straight to that switch I am getting a reply, web interface shows up etc.

    My point is I need to ping using a specific route using ping -k command and for some reason it's not happening.

    Any help much appreciated.


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    Re: Help with ping -k issue

    Can you describe the topology in more detail?

    e.g. switch1 has port e1/12 connected to port e0/1, etc.

    What is the specific route you're trying to use?

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      Re: Help with ping -k issue

      I believe that the -k option "strict source routing" requires that each host in the list be a router, not a switch. Switches do not route and therefore do not decrement the packet's TTL. A route is comprised of only routers, not switches (unless it is a layer 3 switch that is configured as a router).


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        Re: Help with ping -k issue

        Thanks for your answers fellows,

        Indeed, the problem is that 2950's are only L2 switches. 4503's are L3 but that doesn't help me much. Also IP source routing is not that a good idea to have, for security reasons.

        Anyway, to alarm a faulty FO cable, I am going for an OPC SNMP server, need to get the right Cisco MIB's etc. Joy!!!